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Rule Books

Greater Pittsburgh Soapbox Derby

AASBD Rules Books for Stock, SuperStock and Scottie Masters.

Rules are drafted by the National Control Board and adopted by the Board of Trustees of the All-American Soap Box Derby.  Specific questions regarding interpretation of these rules may be directed in writing or by e-mail to the National Control Board in care of the All-American Soap Box Derby.  However, while the National Control Board may provide guidance in a given situation, the final decision making authority on a local level lies with those local officials named for that purpose.  Accordingly, the guidance rendered by the National Control Board shall in no event alter or limit the authority of the local officials as to a local race.  In each case those officials will endeavor to reach correct and fair decisions but they will not necessarily be bound by precedents or advanced opinions.

.The two main purposes of the rules contained in this book are fairness to all competitors and safety.  If the rules sometimes appear exceptionally restrictive, it is because experience has shown that too much room for interpretation sometimes results in a deviation from the intent of the rule. 

We believe that all competitors should have an equal chance based upon their own abilities.It is important that the Derby car operates with maximum safety and that there are no cars parts which would cause injury in the event of loss of control.Rules are designated to facilitate a smooth conduct of the race by avoiding unnecessary delays.In addition, all notes, diagrams and construction manuals provided by the All-American Soap Box Derby shall be considered as part of this rulebook. These include the latest editions of the Stock, Super Stock, and Masters Division plans.

Local Race Director Brian Brain