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Prior Derby Winners

Greater Pittsburgh Soapbox Derby

Local Winners of the McKeesport Soapbox Derby

2013   Macaila Ziolkowski  Stock  (National Champion)
            Emilie Gniewkowski  Superstock
           Chris Morris    Masters   
2012   Kayla Coffield  StockDone
           Melinda Mellor  Superstock
            P.J. Molinar    Masters
2011  Tommy Cox   Stock
          P.J. Molnar    Superstock
          no division
2010  Justin Limley  Stock
          Shelby Jane Caddies  Superstock
          Kara Cox  Masters
2009  Ashley Coffield   Stock
          Valerie White  Superstock
          Lacey Howard   Master
2008 Malinda Mellor  Stock
         Josh Vasko     Superstock
         Matt Cox  Masters

2007 Christina Bowman Stock

        Derrick Jerome    SuperStock

         Lindsay Vasko     Master

2006  Mikaya Wobrak   Stock

         Emily Funyak      Super Stock

         Janel Hall           Master

2005 Joshua Vasko     Stock

        Lindsay Vasko   Super Stock

        Devin Cromer     Master

2004  Zach Buzza   Stock

         Matt Cox   Superstock

2003  Kelsey Barner  Stock

         Janelle Hall  Superstock

2002  Rhode Shunk       Stock

      Sara Boyd         Super Stock

2001  Rose Nicklewicz   Super Stock

      Megan Cox   Super Stock

      Renee Nicklewicz  Master Div.

2000  Jenna Temple      Stock

      Renee Nicklewicz  Super Stock

1999  Renee Nicklewicz  Stock

      Becky Wagner      Super Stock

 1998  Jeff Cox          Stock

      Jodi Gessner      Super Stock

1997  Jodi Gessner      Stock

      Jamie Sedlak      Super Stock

1996  Ashley Bradley    Stock

      Jen Gessner Super Stock

      Ashley Bradley    Master Div.

1995  Justin Granite    Stock

      Roy Cox III       Super Stock

      Chuck Freyer      Master Div.

1994  Matt McConnell    Stock

      Bridget Leimkuehler Super Stock

      Ben Smith         Master Div.

1993  Nick Lewis        Stock

      Laura Leimkuehler Kit Car Div

      Willie Smith      Master Div.

1992  David Dececco     Stock

      Kathi Cox         Kit Car Div

      Carrie Cottie     Master Div.

1991  Don Dececco       Kit Car Div

      Joseph Adams      Master Div.

1990  Aaron Leimkuehler Kit Car Div

      Jennifer Keller   Master Div.

1989  Jacquie Oliver    Kit Car Div

      Shelly Baila      Master Div.

1988  Shelly Baila      Kit Car Div

      Brian Heveker     Master Div.

1987  Brian Heveker     Junior Div.

      Phil Smith        Senior Div.

1986  Shelly Oliver     Junior Div.

      Rhonda Lynn Smith Senior Div.

      Placed 2nd in All-American Soap     Box Derby Akron Ohio   

1985  Greg Cox    Junior Div.

      Brian Tronosky    Senior Div.

1984  Brian Tronosky    Junior Div.

      Dave Micale Senior Div.

1983  Mark Ethridge     Class

1973-1982   NO RACES

1972  Barry Cieslewicz  Class

1971  Jimmy Dillard     Class

1970  Andrew Mihalic    Class

1969  William Pigozzi   Class

1968  Jimmy Pigozzi     Class

1967  Robert S Tortorice  Class A. Senior

1966  James Madded      Class A. Senior

1965  Mark Lesko        Class A. Senior

1964  John Malick       Class A. Senior

1963  Ed Andrews        Class A. Senior

1962  Mike Cimbala      Class A. Senior

1961  Terry D. Lesko    Class A. Senior

1960  Ed Andrews        Class B. Junior

1959  Don Helmstrader   Class A. Senior

1958  Ollie Sjoberg     Class A. Senior

      Ted Tronosky      Class B. Junior

1957  James Meyers      Class A. Senior

1956  Benton South      Class A. Senior







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Local Race Director Brian Brain