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Greater Pittsburgh Soapbox Derby

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(412) 461-7832

************MANDATORY MEETING OF ALL RACERS**************



Upcoming Events

NEXT Meeting Thursday May 8th  

Breakfast Buffet June 1st ELKs

Registration for 2003 $ 25.00 -ASAP

Local Derby Race  - June 22nd

 66th All-American Race Akron Ohio July 26th­­____________________________________________

Local Race Day Rules   


1. Sportsmanship race day, lets see some from the children and parents.  No horse play in the pit area.

2. Only one parent per child in the pit area.  Unauthorized people will not be permitted in the pit area.  This will help us keep confusion to a minimum.

3. All racers will wear Soap Box Derby shirt provided.  Long pants or long shorts are permitted; shoes are required.  NO OPEN TOE SHOES

4. No alterations on helmets, this includes names and numbers either painted on or decals.  All helmets must be worn with brim pointing down the hill.

5. If you leave the pit area please notify topside director or another official.

6. Each Raceer should provide their own survival kit, consisting of a spray bottle, towel, small cooler, water and a light lunch.

7. All racers and parents are asked to stay behind ramps (lines will be provided).

8. When coming down the hill if any contact is made, both cars must stop. A decision will be made, as to who is at fault. If you have any problems with your car, use your brake and stop your car.

9. There will be trashcans in the pit area and the bottom of the hill please use them as we are the ones responsible for clean up.

10. All racers will make trial runs. No exceptions. NO TRIAL RUNS.. NO RACE

11. Please follow rules in the rule book. Any mistakes must be corrected before you race, no exceptions.

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Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                                                             MAY 2003

2003 Derby Date Set

Sunday June 22rd, 20003 Eden Park Blvd, McKeesport Pa.

Car inspections June 17-20th 6:00-9:00pm (Mckeesport High School Auto Body Shop)

66th All-American Finals in Akron Ohio Saturday July 26th, 2003

Official welcome of the Champions from all Locals in Akron is Monday July 21, 2003

Turn in your Registration fee for 2003, cost $25.00

Give your sponsors name and your car number at this time.  Call Laurie @ 412) 653-1944


 Breakfast Buffet

Pittsburgh ELKS #11

5800 Buttermilk Hollow Rd

Sunday June 1st

9am 1pm


come out and support the Greater Pittsburgh Soapbox Derby Association.




































 Next Derby Meeting

Thursday MAY 8th, 2003

MANdatory Meeting of all Racers

See you there

Elks Club

Buttermilk Hollow Rd  7:00pm



2002 Derby Officers

President:                  John Wagner (412) 462-1957

Vice President           Tim Cox  (412) 653-1944

Treasurer                   Laurie Cox (412) 653-1944

Derby Director         Chuck Fryer (412) 461-7832

Secretary                 Isabel Cox (724) 864-0521


Letter from the President:

Our race is just a month away bills need to be paid.  Please turn all outstanding moneys at the May 8th.  We need the support of all the Derby families if we are going to make this event a success.  Please sell your tickes and attend the breakfast. We are asking all racers to show up and wait on tables.  All proceeds from the breakfast will be used for a prize fund.

Once again we will be providing the T-shirt for the racers .

Dont forget to help solicit ads for this years program book. (all funds will be used for prizes for the racers)

Race spots will be selected at the May 8th meeting. 

Time is running out if your are going to place an ad in the program book.  Please get them in asap.  The money generated from the program book is use to keep the derby up and running.

All racers and a family representative must be at the May 8th meeting if they are racing in this years event.

We need to make final arrangements for the two divisions and to select the racing order.















2003 Racers


Pictures will be taken on Race day at 8:30am.  All Drivers must be available.

This picture will be sent to Akron Ohio


Optional Pictures will be available for sale.


Good Luck ads are now being taken for the yearly program book.  Cost $2.00 per ad.

Send to either John Wagner 4720 Greensprings Ave West Mifflin, Pa.  15122 or Isabell Cox  584 Crestwood Dr.  North Huntingdon, Pa. 15642.


Deadline for ads in the Program book June 1st, 2002


Cars sponsors are always needed

Cost  -  $100.00 per car.




Helpers are needed for race day.

Come out an VOLUNTEER your service.  We always can use help in setting up and taking down the track and Car handlers.



















































Keep your eyes open as you drive down Lebanon Church Road toward the Bridge.  You will notice a billboard promoting the soapbox derby.





If you think yourre beaten, you are.

If you think you dare not, you dont

If youd like to win, but think you cant,

Its almost a cinch you wont


If you think youll lose, yourre lost.

For out in the world we find success begins with a personal faith

Its all in the state of mind.


Lifes battles dont always go to the strongest or fastest hand.

They go to the one who trusts in God and always thinks  I CAN.





Soapbox Derby

Just for the fun or it!



Dreams Start Here.

The site of the 2003 Soapbox Derby  Local event is down Eden Park Blvd. McKessport, Pa.  Drivers from throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area will be competing in 2 divisions for Local Champions, Trophies and the right to advance to Akron, Ohio.

Not only will the 2 drivers represent the Greater Pittsburgh Area at the All-American Championships, but they and their familes will be treated to a full week of activities prior to the fabled Run Down Derby Downs in July 2003

12. Primary sponsors name will be on all cars. No exceptions.

13. Car Sponsors name on all cars 2 or 3 inches high

14. Car number and child name on each car.          

15. Also on all cars shall have McKeesport PA. (race city) on them.  It must be at least 2 inches high.

16 We will be providing spaces in the pit area for each car, this is your assigned area.

17.There will not be any extra runs. 

18. Once your car is in the impound area you cannot make adjustments without a supervisor.

19. No foreign substances allowed in the pit area such as oil, graphite or anything that has not been approved by officials.

20. Race officials will supervise any repairs in the pit.

21. First and second place cars will photographed after the race. 

22. There will be NO adding of weight after the race has begun.  This includes carrying excess change, tools or soaking yourself with water.  Please dont get caught, the race officials will see this taking unfair advantage and you will be disqualified.

23. Definition of a heat phase 1, schedules driver lane 1 against driver lane 2 and race is completed. Both return to topside and race each other for phase 2.  Total times for both races will determine a winner (this completes a heat).

24. If the first phase of a heat would be a dead heat then the second phase of that heat would be run. The winner of that phase will be the overall winner of that heat.

25. All Drivers must drive in a careful and safe manner

26. If you should lose your brakes look for the nearest hay bale. Try to hit hay bale squarely and not at an angle.

27. Crossing of centerline.  If your racing and your car crosses over the centerline with both sets of wheels, you will lose that heat.  Unless there is some type of mechanical problem with the car.































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